Hack Below

Delivering the Goods...

The roadside inn was called the Drooping Mighty Crown – and here the curiosities dealer Gordrenn just might find a band competent enough to deliver the wizard Tauster's chest of spell supplies to him in Milborne.  His usual couriers had deserted him for better pay elsewhere and he knew there was little time or recourse to do else but hire the first body willing to sign up. 

Atypical of its kind the tavern sported a curious assortment of races and faces.  He smelled before he saw a massive half-ogre engaged in a bar-brawl apparently with a curious peg-legged man.  The cripple fought fiercely but was then laid low by a bone-crunching blow from the half-ogre.  Still plenty drunk the brute shambled outside past the anxious merchant. 

In short order Zed had assembled a motley band that passed Gordrenn's muster.  After drawing up a contract the terms were agreed upon after everyone had signed their name, or some cases, left their mark, the party set out.  

Ever the opportunist, Zed spied an unused cart outside the inn and wasted no time in appropriated it for his own use.  The half-ogre had no objection to be yoked to the cart and obligingly hauled it forth after the chest was loaded on to it.  

The ferry brought the group to the small village of Thurmaster and the wizard Tauster was quickly located.  He quickly stashed the chest safely in his small tower, then gladly countersigned the payment noteresum


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